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Get competitive bids
from the industry's best
Transportation Service Providers

You're one step away from the best heavy-haul experience available.

Get competitive bids from the industry's best Transportation Service Providers


Everything we do is designed to simplify and improve the heavy-haul transportation
industry. We believe that by enhancing existing relationships, improving the accuracy of information,
and reducing overall uncertainty, we will produce a better transportation experience for the benefit of all.

Learn more about our key benefits below:

Shipper Benefits

  • Save Money

    Full automation, centralized management, and the world’s most advanced freight bidding engine are just a few of the ways VeriTread saves you time and money. Try it risk free. Learn More

  • More Options
    & Superior Control

    The flexibility to balance price and service on a deal by deal basis. Directly dispatch a load, solicit bids from your select carriers, or start a reverse freight auction with thousands of pre-approved carriers. Learn More

  • Reduce Risk

    VeriTread monitors carrier insurance, past performance, and other key metrics to ensure you know who you are doing business with. VT also provides expert advice to ensure a safer and smoother transport experience. Learn More

  • Easy and Convenient

    VeriTread’s innovative suite of online decision tools simplifies the heavy-haul process. Get instant estimates, detailed shipping dimensions, and precise load matching. All with the push of a button. Learn More

  • Our Promise

    We promise to make VeriTread different than other online freight marketplaces. We will always remain open and honest with you. We will always deliver meaningful value. We promise to stay connected to our trucking roots and devoted to the men and women of this industry. Learn More

  • Make More Money

    VeriTread offers high-paying freight from sources such as dealerships, auctions, rental houses, online resellers, and manufacturer direct. Our fees are upfront and very reasonable. We are committed to making all our carrier partners more profitable and successful. Learn More

  • Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions

    With 5 patents pending our suite of innovative decision tools will empower you to work more efficiently with less uncertainty. Automated estimating, PC Miler mapping, load tracking, shipping dimensions, and expert advice are just a few of our ground-breaking features. Learn More

  • A Fair Deal

    VeriTread was designed by Heavy-Haul insiders to be a fair and balanced marketplace. Our shippers are encouraged to forge relationships, review service levels, and use only compliant carriers. Price is only one of many factors our shippers use when choosing a transport partner. Learn More

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